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Fort Lauderdale Business Lawyer
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Fort Lauderdale Business Litigation Lawyer

The experienced courtroom attorneys at Edward J. Jennings, P.A. handle the full range of business and commercial litigation in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, from breach of contract, debt collection and business torts, to corporate and partnership disputes and employment law litigation. If you are involved in a business dispute or wish to take proactive steps to avoid further litigation, call 954-764-4330 to schedule a consultation with one of our Fort Lauderdale business litigation lawyers.

Breach of Contract

The contract is the heart of every business transaction, whether dealing with clients, customers, vendors, suppliers, landlords or real estate developers. Contract disputes arise when one party feels the other is not complying with the terms of the agreement, which may be related to payment or performance. Contract provisions are not always clear, and parties may disagree over the interpretation of certain terms and conditions regarding their rights and obligations under the contract. Some contracts are not even written down, and others are modified orally after they have been executed.

Our experienced business litigators are skilled in the interpretation, enforcement and challenge of the most complex contracts and agreements. We work to assess your position at the outset, advise you on your options, and provide outstanding representation depending upon the course of action you seek.

Business Torts

Even without a contractual relationship, business litigation can ensue from disputes between competing businesses, or with members of the general public. Edward J. Jennings, P.A. represents parties in cases alleging fraud, unfair business practices, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, tortious interference with contractual relationships, and more. Tort-based business claims expose the business owner to liability for damages that are potentially much greater than breach of contract claims. These matters must be dealt with head-on and handled efficiently and effectively.

Our experienced business lawyers provide sound advice and professional representation at all stages, including pre-suit risk management discussions, settlement negotiations, and effective advocacy in court. Business disputes will inevitably arise; we are here to represent your interests so you can get back to running your business and giving it your full attention.

Other Business and Commercial Matters

Our business litigation practice includes representation in corporate litigation matters such as partnership disputes and shareholder derivative suits. In addition, we represent parties in the full range of employment law litigation, including covenants not to compete, employment agreement disputes, employment discrimination claims and wage and hour disputes.

Get Efficient, Effective Representation in the Resolution of your Broward County Business Litigation

For practical advice and excellent representation in the resolution of business disputes in Broward County, contact the Fort Lauderdale offices of Edward J. Jennings, P.A. to speak with an experienced and successful Fort Lauderdale business litigation lawyer.

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