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Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Closing Lawyer

A knowledgeable real estate attorney can protect homeowners and homebuyers during residential real estate transactions. Many parties to a residential real estate contract trust an attorney to handle all the details of their purchase or sale. Commercial real estate buyers and sellers should also consider retaining the services of a skilled attorney who has experience with commercial real estate transactions. An experienced Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate closing lawyer can help with buying or selling commercial property, leases, zoning issues, development projects, and more.

At Edward J. Jennings, P.A., we have years of experience with commercial real estate transactions in Florida. We understand the importance of carefully selecting the right attorney who can help with all your Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate transactions.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial real estate transactions can be very complex, even if you have experience with commercial property. There’s always risk throughout the process, from negotiating the purchase price to unexpected expenses popping up at closing. When you have an attorney representing your interests, they will minimize the risk of something going wrong. Here’s a look at some of the most important reasons to hire a Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate closing attorney.

  • An attorney will save you time: As a business owner, your available free time is probably quite limited. When you retain an attorney, they will look at the deal objectively, perform due diligence, ask questions, and handle all the stressful aspects of the deal so you can concentrate on your business.
  • Ensure it’s a legitimate deal: An experienced lawyer can investigate whether the deal you are looking at is legitimate. Does the price seem too good to be true? There could be a huge tax lien that you need to satisfy first. Your attorney will find out what hidden issues there are before you invest any money.
  • Explain zoning laws: Commercial real estate is subject to significant zoning laws and rules. If you are buying a property with specific plans, you need to know whether you can move forward. There is no benefit to purchasing a property to develop only to find out it’s not zoned for your specific needs.
  • Negotiate the best price: Attorneys negotiate for a living. They have the experience to help you get the best deal possible. Unlike the real estate agent, your attorney isn’t making a commission on the sale. They are protecting your interests and rights, which means they will be looking at ways to save you money.

How a Fort Lauderdale Commercial Real Estate Closing Attorney Can Help

Commercial real estate closings are often done electronically, which means there is significant room for confusion and for things to be missed. There are several main components of a commercial real estate closing. These are escrow, due diligence, and the closing documents. Numerous things can go wrong at any step along the way. There could be title issues, documents may be missing from the due diligence, the assignment and assumption of leases are missing, etc.

Don’t risk derailing your Florida commercial real estate transaction because you didn’t have an experienced Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate attorney on your side. Instead, contact Edward J. Jennings, P.A. today, to schedule an initial consultation.

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