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Could Stimulus Checks Lead To Divorce?


There’s no doubt this government money has helped countless households get through tough financial times. Many have used the stimulus money to pay rent and credit card bills. Others have spent the money on food and other necessary expenses.

For the most part, this infusion of money has been much appreciated. However, for some couples, it has led to further marital stress and, surprisingly, even divorce.

But why would more money cause a marriage to fall apart? You would think that having more money would lead to the opposite effect —  and even happier marriage — but family law attorneys are saying that that’s not the case.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to more stress in relationships. The divorce rates are rising as people deal with job loss, money woes, online school for children, quarantining and the sickness and death of family members with COVID.

Younger couples are especially feeling the stress and are ending their marriages at high rates. This is likely because they tend to have little in terms of finances. They have so much they could do with that money and they wind up arguing over it. It’s not enough money to go around and they often don’t agree on how to spend it. They often think in terms of short-term goals.

Couples are not expecting this money. It’s extra, on top of the money they are already earning, so they are conflicted on how to spend it. Many people received $1200 each, which is $2400 per couple. How do they spend it? Should they each spend their $1200 as they please? Should they combine the money and spend it on bills? If so, which bills? What if one spouse has credit card debt? Should one spouse give their money to the other to pay down debt? If one spouse is paying all the bills, should they get all the money because they have contributed more?

Overall, the pandemic is causing more stress in general. Couples of all ages are feeling frustrated and angry with each other. Not only is this leading to divorces but also domestic violence, which is unfortunate. Children are often victims as well, so there has also been a rise in protective orders and custody battles as couples try to leave dangerous situations during a pandemic. With lockdowns and travel restrictions in place, this is not always easy.

Seek Legal Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on marriages. It has caused immense stress, to the point that a stimulus check is making the issues even worse.

If the stress from the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on your marriage, contact Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Edward J. Jennings, P.A. We can help you end your marriage as quickly and amicably as possible. Contact us today by calling 954-764-4330 or filling out the online form.



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