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Dealing With Your First Heartbreak After Divorce


After getting a divorce, you’ll find a lot of articles about how to deal with the end of your marriage and move on. However, not many articles go into detail about dealing with dating and relationships after a divorce — particularly, dealing with your first heartbreak.

Divorce is a common experience, with roughly half of all marriages ending at some point. After ending a marriage, most people will go on to date again. Many will even get remarried. So being involved in another relationship post-divorce is a common occurrence.

There are plenty of articles about remarriage and dealing with stepchildren, but what happens if you become involved in a serious relationship and it doesn’t end in marriage. Instead, it just ends. How do you deal with the heartbreak?

For many people, it leads to grief. They grieved the end of their marriage and ending a serious relationship after divorce can exacerbate these emotions. It may feel like going through a divorce all over again. You may cycle through various emotions, including denial, sadness, anger, fear, and shame.

This can be frustrating. Many people take time after a divorce to figure out what they want out of their next relationship. And when they find a new love, they expect all will go well. They often find out that their baggage from the first marriage can impede a new relationship. This baggage may include feelings for their ex, unresolved issues from the marriage, and even children.

Your first heartbreak after a divorce can put a lot of negative thoughts into your mind. You may feel unworthy of love. You may feel like telling yourself “I told you so.” Here are some ways to get rid of these damaging thoughts and get back into the dating game.

Get Support

Don’t be afraid to lean on friends and family members during this time. Many people have gone through a bad breakup. Spend some time venting and talking about your feelings. If you don’t have anyone you can lean on, seek help from a therapist.

Do Things That Bring You Joy

It’s always a good idea to do things that make you happy. Engaging in your favorite interests releases endorphins that make you feel happy. Play sports, read a book, take a bath, paint, play music, dance, or do whatever it is that brings you joy.

Be Positive About Love

Sometimes it takes a while to find a new love. Don’t expect your soulmate to suddenly show up at your door. If you’re interested in finding someone to share your life with, put yourself out there and be positive. Nobody wants to deal with a person who is constantly negative. Focus on yourself and true love will come. Be patient and positive.

Seek Legal Help

Divorce is not easy for anyone, but women seem to bear the brunt of the financial issues. Their income falls much more than men’s income and they are more likely to live in poverty.

A divorce can lead to many issues. See how a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can help you through the process so you can improve your financial outcome.  Call 954-764-4330 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.



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