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Divorces Skyrocketing Due to Lack of Family Support


Search the internet and you’ll find many articles and statistics regarding divorce. You’ll notice that statistics may vary from state to state. So if various factors leading to divorce are common in Colorado, should you worry about them affecting your marriage if you live in Florida.

Probably. It’s important to know that a marriage can end for any reason. All states recognize some form of no-fault divorce, so you don’t need to state anything except for irreconcilable differences.

That means you should understand why marriages often end. Colorado couples are divorcing at rates higher than most other states. But why? A study of 1,000 Americans showed that 43% of respondents cited lack of family support as the reason for ending their marriages. Also topping the list of infidelity (34%), lack of compatibility (31%), lack of intimacy (31%), and financial stress (24%).

These reasons are pretty self-explanatory. But what exactly does lack of family support mean? This is a vague reason that could mean many different things, like a lack of emotional support, lack of privacy, disagreements over parenting styles, and communication problems. A lack of family support may be more apparent in challenging parenting situations, such as caring for a disabled child. In fact, studies show that the divorce rate for parents of a disabled child is as high as 80-90%.

A lack of emotional support could mean not having a shoulder to lean on. Marriage is hard and sometimes people need to vent to a third party. When there is no outlet, this can make marriage harder and lead to divorce. People should seek help from therapists if they don’t have friends and family to talk to.

Lack of privacy is an issue when couples have kids. Their energy is focusing on working and caring for children and there’s nothing left for each other. That’s why couples need to be intentional about spending time together and having regular date nights. If they have no time alone, their marriage is going to suffer due to a lack of communication and intimacy.

When couples have different parenting styles, this can lead to arguments. One parent may be permissive, while the other is authoritative. This is why parents need to talk things out ahead of time and discuss how they will handle certain situations. They should agree on discipline and consequences.

Seek Legal Help

Marriage is not an easy prospect. When things go bad with your partner, it’s nice to have emotional support from parents, siblings, and other close relatives. When you don’t have family nearby to help, you may feel as though your only option is to divorce.

If you are looking to end your marriage, for whatever reason, Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can help you understand the procedures and requirements. We’ll guide you through your options so you get the best outcome possible. Schedule a consultation with our office today by calling 954-764-4330 or filling out the online form.



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