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How To Tell Your Spouse Is Changing Their Mind About Divorce


Marriage is not easy. Problems crop up from time to time. If you do not address these problems, then your marriage can be negatively affected. You may even consider divorce.

Talking about divorce can be terrifying. You may be thinking about the negativity it will bring, but on the other hand, a discussion about the possibility of divorce can actually be a catalyst for change in your marriage. You may have thought your marriage was over, but you may see your spouse putting in more effort and even changing their mind about divorce.

Changing one’s mind about divorce is not uncommon. In fact, half of those who initially want to divorce change their minds. Making the decision to divorce is not something that should be taken lightly. Your relationship can change with a little patience and effort. Here are some signs that your spouse is moving away from divorce and wants to work on your marriage.

You See Each Other Differently

Mentioning the word divorce may just be the shock that fixes your marriage. You might be listening to your spouse more closely to see what they need. Your spouse may be paying more attention to you. In any case, you two may start to see each other in a different light, and this increased focus can lead to a new, better dynamic in your marriage.

Better Communication

A discussion about divorce can actually lead to better communication. Your spouse may decide that they want to stay married and will therefore communicate better. If your spouse thinks before they speak and listens to you a lot more, then they are trying hard to communicate and save the marriage.


Your spouse may be changing their mind about divorce if you feel a connection again. Maybe they touched you in a sensual way or perhaps you two had a deep conversation together that made you fall in love again. If you’re suddenly feeling more closeness, then divorce is probably off the table for now.

Rediscovering Common Interests

Your spouse may be changing their mind about divorce if they want you to engage in hobbies together. Maybe your spouse wants you two to go to an event or learn a new skill together. This is a promising sign, as it’s pretty obvious your spouse wants to reconnect with you. Take them up on your offer.

They’re Suggesting Counseling

If your spouse has suggested counseling, then that means they want to try to save the marriage. They want to fix things and have a future with you. You should agree to go to counseling and work on the marriage too.

Seek Legal Help

When you and your spouse discuss divorce, you get your problems out in the open. In many cases, the marriage ends in divorce. However, some couples use this opportunity to work toward saving their marriage.

If you can’t stay married, Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can help you divorce with ease. Schedule a consultation by filling out the online form or calling 954-764-4330.



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