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Is Florida a Good Place to Settle Down?


Florida is known for its family friendly entertainment and beautiful weather, but how does it fare when it comes to settling down and starting a family? Not so good, according to a recent survey. Earlier this year, WalletHub released its annual ranking, entitled “Best & Worst States to Raise a Family.” It seems as though couples looking for a long-lasting marriage and a great place to raise children may want to look elsewhere.

While kids no doubt love Disney World and the other theme parks that Florida has to offer, it doesn’t mean that children would thrive in the Sunshine State, according to the survey.  Out of the 50 states, Florida ranks 39th in terms of best states to raise a family.  The ranking is based on various metrics, such as family fun, education and childcare, health and safety, socioeconomics and affordability.

Florida also has the third-highest divorce rate in the nation, behind Louisiana and Nevada. It also ranked 49th in terms of affordability. While the state does have low taxes compared to other states, credit scores and debt levels were also taken into consideration. Florida also ranked 40th in health and safety, which is likely due to the fact that the state has a proportionally high number of natural disasters, such as hurricanes.

The Good News

Living in Florida isn’t all bad. Florida ranked 11th in terms of family fun. This is due to the various theme parks and family attractions that the state offers. The metric also took into consideration the number of families with young children, which Florida does not have a lot of. Without this factor, the state likely would have ranked much higher.

New Mexico ranked last overall, and Florida outperformed this state in many categories. While Minnesota ranked first, the state certainly cannot compare to Florida’s warm climate. Young families would likely opt to visit Florida over snowy Minnesota.

Another thing to consider is that Florida has a burgeoning economy, and this was not reflected in the survey. In 2018, Florida was ranked 8th in terms of job growth. Various industries, such as health care, technology and construction, are booming. In some areas, unemployment rates are dropping quickly.

Money is a factor in marriage and raising a family. Finances can take a toll on a relationship, leading to divorce. Many couples delay having children because of insufficient funds. Having a steady , high-paying job can help, but it is not the only family when it comes to raising a family.  However, many Florida couples have successful marriages and they feel Florida is a good place for families, so the results of a survey should not sway a person’s decisions.

Seek Legal Help

Divorces are common in Florida. If your marriage is on the rocks, you should do what you can to save it. If you’ve exhausted all your options, then it’s time to seek legal help.

Divorce can happen in even the best of marriages. Make sure you understand your legal rights by contacting Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Edward J. Jennings, P.A. He will help ensure your  case is resolved quickly and fairly. Fill out the online form or call 954-764-4330 to schedule a consultation.




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