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Predictors of Divorce


Many people are scared to walk down the aisle because they fear divorce in the future. Nobody wants to go through a divorce. It’s a highly stressful and emotional event for all involved.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a better idea of what your relationship will look like years down the road? What if you could see what factors could cause you to divorce in the future?

You may be able to. Researchers have spent many years trying to determine which couples would be more likely to divorce based on various factors. Here are some predictors of divorce that you should look at closely.

Strong Attachment in the Beginning

While it’s great to have a strong connection to your partner, when it’s abnormally intense in the beginning, it could mean a breakup down the road. That’s because some couples have strong feelings to make up for something that the relationship is lacking. These couples go from one extreme to another, and when the honeymoon phase is over, it’s often a dramatic shift.

No Conflicts at All

While it may seem ideal to have no arguments, this often means that you both are keeping quiet about your feelings and things that may be bothering you. Couples who take the time to argue effectively and sort things out are much happier in the long run. That’s because they resolve their differences, rather than watch resentment grow from unresolved conflicts.


Studies show that education is  a factor in whether or not a couple divorces. Women with college degrees are more successful in their marriages. Nearly 80% of women who have graduated from college will see their marriages last 20 years or longer. Compare this to those with just a high school education, at 40%.

Arguments Over Housework

Arguing over who washes the dishes or takes out the trash may seem trivial, but it can signal a larger problem. If a couple constantly fights over household chores, then how will they resolve larger problems, such as financial issues or addictions? A couple needs to be able to develop their relationship, and this is difficult if they can’t even split housework.

Your DNA

Whether or not you decide to divorce may even be biological. If divorce seems to be a constant from one generation to the next, it could be a genetic factor. Some people may be wired to stay together, while others may be more likely to divorce.

Seek Legal Help

While there are many factors that can lead to divorce, sometimes there are things that can predict it. You may be able to predict whether or not you will get divorced before you are even married.

Were you able to predict the end of your marriage or was it a complete shock? No matter what caused your divorce, Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can help. Learn more about how our knowledge and compassion can make your divorce much easier. Call 954-764-4330 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.


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