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Rudest Things to Say to Someone Divorcing


Divorce is a tough time for not just the couples and the children, but for friends and family members as well. It becomes an awkward situation and as such, people often say dumb things. They think they are being helpful, but they’re not — in fact, it’s just the opposite. They are mean and insulting, making the situation even worse.

Divorce is stressful and those going through it need love and advice — not prying comments or insults. Is a loved one ending their marriage? Here are some things to avoid saying.

The Kids Will Be Messed Up

While this comment may come from a place of care or concern, this is a harsh thing to say. Most couples with children spend a lot of time agonizing about how the divorce will affect the kids. However, the truth is that children of any age — even adults — can be upset when their parents divorce. Staying in a loveless, conflict-ridden marriage is not good for anyone. In fact, it can make life even more stressful for the kids, so in these situations, it’s best to just cut the cord and move on.

You Should Try to Make Things Work

Nobody is privy to all the details in a couple’s marriage. You don’t know what they have done to try to make their marriage work. Maybe they have had many discussions. They may have sought counseling. Perhaps they have even tried a trial separation. Most couples will only seek divorce as a last resort, so most likely they have already tried very hard to make things work. When two people cannot get along anymore, the best bet is to divorce.

Whose Fault Was It?

Unless there was cheating or abuse involved, both parties have played a role in the divorce. It takes two people to make a marriage work. People change over time and when both people no longer want to make the effort to keep the marriage alive, then the next logical step is divorce. Sometimes it’s nobody’s fault, as people can become incompatible over time. It happens.

You’ll Find Someone Else

A divorce offers a fresh start, which means finding love again. However, not everyone wants a divorce. Many people wish they were still married to their partners. While you might mean well by trying to be positive about the situation, maybe the person doesn’t want to find someone else. Be mindful of these types of comments. If you don’t know what to say, just be there to listen.

Seek Legal Help

Going through a divorce is never easy, especially when you have to deal with rude comments from friends and family. You have to ignore these comments and do what is best for you and the kids.

Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can make things easier on you. We’ll get you through the process with less stress and advise you of resources that can help.  Schedule a consultation with our office today by calling 954-764-4330 or filling out the online form.



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