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Silent Signs You’re Dissatisfied With Your Marriage


Are you happy with your marriage? Maybe your spouse thinks you are. Or maybe you even think you’re satisfied, but are you really?

We don’t always have time to sit and reflect about how we feel about various aspects of our lives. It’s easy to just go with the flow and avoid causing conflicts. However, by doing so, you don’t really know how you feel about your marriage.

Are you truly happy with your spouse and overall state of your marriage or are you just going through the motions? If there are concerns with your marriage, it’s best to get them out in the open sooner rather than later. Hiding your feelings just builds up resentment over time.

Subtle signs of dissatisfaction may go unnoticed until it’s too late. So stop what you’re doing and take a few minutes to think about the state of your marriage. Make a list of pros and cons, if you have to. Need a little help? Here are some signs that you’re dissatisfied with your marriage.

Less Communication

If you and your spouse used to share everything about your day but now give vague responses or refuse to communicate at all, then something is amiss. You may feel like sharing your news with other people in your life, such as friends, parents, siblings, or co-workers. When your husband or wife is on the bottom of the list of people you want to talk to, it’s clear you’re not happy with your marriage.

Increased Conflict

If you and your spouse used to rarely argue, but now there is some sort of conflict on a daily basis, then there could be some unresolved issues. One or both parties may become more critical or defensive, making arguments more common.

Lack of Initiative

This is also a huge issue because a marriage requires 100% effort from both parties at all times. OK, there may be some days where you’re only pulling in 50% or so, but that should not be a regular thing. If you or your spouse doesn’t plan date nights anymore or refuses to help out around the house or with the kids, then this is a clear sign of dissatisfaction with the marriage.

Secretive Behavior

If your partner suddenly exhibits secretive behavior, that could be a sign of not only dissatisfaction but also infidelity. A person who is not happy with their marriage may come up with excuses not to come home. They may claim they are working late or hanging out with friends. If your spouse is withholding information about their whereabouts and not coming home at a decent time, they are not happy with the marriage.

Seek Legal Help

Relationships tend to ebb and flow. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. If you don’t work on your marriage, the relationship will die down over time.

If you are dissatisfied with your marriage, communication and counseling can help. When all else fails, seek legal help from Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. He can help you through this difficult time. Schedule a consultation by calling 954-764-4330 or filling out the online form.



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