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Starting New Holiday Traditions After Divorce


Dealing with the holidays can be a complicated situation after a divorce, especially if there are children involved. Which parent will they spend Thanksgiving with? What will we do about Christmas?

While the holidays should be making you feel merry, it’s normal for those who are divorced to feel gloomy and sad as November rolls around. What will you do now that you are no longer married? Do you continue with old traditions or start new ones?

A divorce is a great excuse to start over and try something new. You’re already transitioning from married to single life, so why not change up the holidays as well? Think about the positives. You’ll no longer have to deal with annoying in-laws at Thanksgiving. You no longer have to cater to your spouse’s wants during the Christmas season. You can spend New Year’s Eve alone on the couch if you want, rather than hanging out in a bar.

Ready to change things up this year? Here are some tips to create new traditions and make the holidays more original.

Change up the Schedule

Due to custody and visitation schedules, you might not have the kids on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe they’re at the other parent’s house on December 24 and 25. Life goes on! Change things up a bit. Have Santa come early or late. Either way, your kids will probably be thrilled to have two Christmases. If you’re not a turkey lover, have Thanksgiving the next day at your favorite restaurant. There’s no rule that says you have to follow normal American traditions. Start your own routines.

Focus on Making Memories

Many parents focus on gift giving, but kids don’t really need a crazy amount of presents, especially as they get older. Instead, focus on experiences. Take the kids somewhere for Christmas. Go camping. Take a trip to the beach. Go see a concert or event on New Year’s Eve. Do something fun that you normally wouldn’t do during the holidays. 

Eat Out

Many people don’t like to cook. They don’t understand the fuss over a cooked turkey on Thanksgiving or a prime rib on Christmas. If you prefer to eat something else, then do it. Stay home and have your favorite meal instead. Or don’t cook at all and grab takeout instead. Eat at a restaurant.

Go With the Flow 

Not much into planning? Then don’t! Wake up on the holiday mornings and decide what you want to do right then and there. Go visit your siblings. Take a trip out of town. Stay home. The choice is yours. Don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to. Give yourself permission to be free.

Seek Legal Help

The holidays can put many divorced people in a Scrooge-like mood. Get out of your funk and start new traditions with the people you love.

Divorce is never easy, but Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can guide you through the process with ease. He can help you acclimate to single life and move on. Fill out the online form or call 954-764-4330 to schedule a consultation.




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