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What Dads Should Do If They Want More Parenting Time


In a divorce with children, the parents have to decide on custody or else the court will do it for them. It goes without saying that the mothers tend to get primary custody of the children, but it’s not because of gender. It’s because of wrong assumptions.

Many men don’t have a good understanding of their legal rights in a divorce. They may think that the mother automatically gets custody of the children, and they just have to live with that.

This is not how the court system works at all. Before and during the divorce process, each parent has the same legal rights when it comes to child custody. Mothers and fathers are on level ground until one or the other gives up or is denied custody rights.

What this means is that there is hope for men. If you are a father who wishes to have equal parenting time with your children, you cannot give up without a fight.

You can start by working with the mother to establish a parenting plan. You can suggest joint physical custody, which means both parents would get 50/50 time with the child. You and your ex can work with a lawyer or on your own to outline the terms of agreement. If this doesn’t work, there are other options.

Petition the Court

 If you can’t come to an agreement with the other parent, ask the court to decide. It’s best to have a lawyer help you, since they can give you legal advice. They also have the knowledge and experience necessary to build and argue your case.

Document Your Involvement

Keep records of your involvement in your children’s lives, including attending school events, medical appointments, and extracurricular activities. Documenting your efforts can demonstrate your commitment to being an active parent.

Be Flexible

Be willing to be flexible and accommodate changes in schedules and routines to ensure that you can spend quality time with your children. Showing flexibility and cooperation can help foster a positive co-parenting relationship.

Focus on Quality Time 

Make the most of the time you have with your children by focusing on quality interactions and meaningful experiences. Engage in activities that they enjoy and create lasting memories together.

Understand the Costs Involved

Fighting for custody of your child may not be cheap. You may have to spend a lot of money in legal fees and court costs. Don’t let this stop you from fighting. Determine what is more important to you: your child or money.

Prioritize Your Children’s Well-Being

Above all, prioritize your children’s well-being and best interests in all decisions and actions related to parenting time. Focus on creating a loving and nurturing environment where they feel safe and supported.

Seek Legal Help

When it comes to child custody issues, many men give up too easily. They just assume the mother will automatically get custody due to court bias, but this is not true.

Men and women have an equal chance of custody. Get the help you need from Fort Lauderdale child custody lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. The best interests of the child prevail in court, so we’ll help you fight for your legal rights. To schedule a consultation, fill out the online form or call 954-764-4330.



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