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What is Micro Cheating?


Does your wife send suggestive texts to her attractive worker? Are you constantly fantasizing about the hot neighbor, even though you’ve barely said two words to each other? You may not think these actions constitute infidelity, but they do give off airs of micro cheating.

Micro cheating refers to subtle actions that suggest that a person is interested in someone outside of the marriage. This means that the person has crossed a physical or emotional boundary in some way.

However, identifying micro cheating can be difficult. The line between micro cheating and full-blown cheating can be murky, since some couples define cheating differently than others. Kissing? That’s definitely cheating. Sending a flirty text? Maybe. Could you be misreading the situation or overreacting? Possibly.

Micro cheating can be hard to gauge. Here’s a look at some behaviors that may be considered micro cheating.

Physical Contact

Physical contact is probably the biggest indicator that something’s going on. Sexual contact is not the only form of cheating. Hugs, kisses, and other inappropriate touching can signal that your spouse is attracted to someone else and they’re not shy about making it known.


Does your spouse act differently around attractive people? For example, are they engaging in playful or suggestive conversations with the neighbor? Are they engaging in flirtatious eye contact or body language with someone outside the relationship? If so, they may be flirting.

Emotional Intimacy

Cheating is not just physical in nature. Even if you never have physical contact with someone, you could still be engaging in micro cheating. Sharing intimate conversations with someone other than your spouse can be construed as cheating. For example, discussing your marital problems with an attractive coworker and sharing intimate details about your life and dreams with them is a type of cheating that can negatively affect your marriage.

Compliments and Gifts

Is your spouse giving compliments to other men and women? Are they telling people how beautiful they are? Is your spouse giving these people romantic gifts such as chocolates for flowers? If so, this may be considered micro cheating.

Digital Interactions

Digital interactions such as texts and social media likes may seem innocent because they are not physical in nature. However, texting can easily turn into sexting. Plus, commenting on someone’s Instagram or Facebook posts can be perceived as cheating, depending on the context. A thumbs up emoji may be innocent enough, but a heart or suggestive text can verge on micro cheating.

Seek Legal Help

Micro cheating may seem minor, but it can turn into full-blown cheating if not nipped in the bud. If your spouse doesn’t understand your feelings about cheating or refuses to stop, it’s time to end the marriage.

Infidelity is often a sign of an unhappy marriage. Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can help you make the right decisions about marriage and divorce. Schedule a consultation by filling out the online form or calling 954-764-4330.



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