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What is the #1 Conflict That Causes Most Divorces?


When you think of reasons for divorce, finances probably come to mind. Or maybe adultery is the first thing that popped into your head.

However, a survey from Forbes Advisor showed that neither of these reasons were the main cause of conflict in marriages that ended in divorce. Surprisingly, career choices were the top conflict, accounting for 46% of divorces. Parenting differences came in at a close second, at 43%.

At #3 on the list was division of household labor. Many women do the majority of chores around the house, even when working a full-time job. Some women state that they were less willing to have sex with their spouses if they were doing a larger portion of the housework. This was especially true if they had children.

Relationships with family was also on the list of conflicts, as was relationships with friends. Friends and family members can harm a marriage by interfering with it. There may also be conflicting loyalties, especially if one person disapproves of the spouse or a family member. There could be a lack of boundaries as well, which can lead to neglect or resentment.

Finances made it on the list, at #6. There’s no explanation needed for this. It’s common for spouses to argue over finance, especially if one person likes to save money while the other spends it.

At #7 was health choices. Health choices can cause conflicts due to differing priorities. One spouse may prioritize exercising and healthy eating, while the other may enjoy indulging in food and refuse to exercise. This can cause strain on a marriage. But when a person is obsessed with fitness, it can cause conflict as well. A person may feel neglected if their spouse is constantly at the gym working out.

The thing is that most of these marriages could have been saved. Of those surveyed, only 5% said that there was no way that their marriage could have been saved. So that means that just a small percentage truly wanted out, and most would have worked on their marriages if their spouse would have put in the effort.

Of those surveyed, 63% said they could have avoided divorce if they had a better understanding of commitment prior to marriage. More than half said they might still be married if they had a better understanding of their spouse’s morals and values prior to getting married. So it seems as though many people get married without really understanding their spouse or the amount of commitment and effort needed to make a marriage last.

Seek Legal Help

Divorce can happen for many reasons. Money can be an issue, but it’s not always the main cause of divorce.

No matter why you are divorcing, Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can assist you with the process. There are many matters in a divorce that need to be resolved and we can give you the best outcome possible. To schedule a consultation, call 954-764-4330 or fill out the online form.



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