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What To Know About Emotional Infidelity


When you think of infidelity, your thoughts may immediately turn to sex. However, not all cheating involves sexual contact or any physical contact. Some people have emotional affairs when they are married to someone else.

This is called emotional infidelity and it involves having too much intimacy with someone who is not your spouse. You may not even talk about sex or romance. If you’re having frequent contact and constant communication with someone you’re attracted to, and you are already married, you are having an emotional affair.

You may not think an emotional affair is bad. You may not even be aware you’re having one. However, the result is less time with your spouse. You start a connection with someone else and this can lead to physical intimacy down the line. But how do you know? What are the signs?

Signs of an Emotional Affair

You may be having an emotional affair and not even know it. Here are some signs:

  • Spending more time together. You spend a lot of time with this person and will find excuses to spend even more time with them. You might even get excited when the person communicates with you, like you are in love.
  • Frequent contact. You have frequent contact with the person at all hours of the day. You may spend a lot of time texting or emailing them.
  • Frequent sharing. When you have news to share, you call this person first instead of your spouse.
  • Constant thoughts. You think about this person so much that you may have a difficult time concentrating on anything else. The thoughts may even turn romantic or sexual in nature.
  • Inappropriate sharing. You overshare with this person. You may tell them about problems in your marriage and other intimate things. This causes you to feel negative toward your spouse.
  • Unfair comparisons. You may compare your spouse to this person. You start to idealize this person and make them seem as if they are perfect, while your partner begins to look worse. This creates a good guy/bad guy dynamic.
  • You may lie about your communication with this person or keep secrets. You don’t tell your spouse about your contact and communication with this person. You might even delete messages from your phone.
  • Less time for your spouse. You spend less and less time with your spouse and spend more time with this special person. You lose focus of your marriage.

Seek Legal Help

Infidelity doesn’t always have to involve sex. It may not even involve any physical contact. But when you’re turning to someone else besides your spouse to discuss your problems, you’re moving into affair territory.

Could you be having an emotional affair? Get this behavior in check before it ruins your marriage. Need help? Contact Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. for compassion and dedication. Fill out the online form or call 954-764-4330 to schedule a consultation.



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