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What To Look Forward To After Divorce


Our culture makes it seem as though being in a relationship should be your main goal. So when you decide to divorce, it can be a shock to many people. How will you survive the single life? Won’t it be lonely?

Being single after being in a relationship for so long can seem scary at first, but there’s actually a lot to look forward to. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your marriage, being single can help you discover your freedom so you can become the person you were truly meant to be. There are many things to enjoy about being on your own, such as the following.

No More Arguments

One of the best things about divorce is that there is no more fighting. You don’t have to walk on eggshells when you’re around the other person. There’s no more tension to deal with. You can come home from work and relax, which is a huge relief.

No More Abuse

If your spouse lied to you or cheated on you, you no longer have to deal with that. Once you divorce, you are free from this emotional abuse. You’ll feel better about yourself.

Your Money is Your Own

You no longer have to worry about what your spouse is spending money on nor do you have to hide purchases. What you earn is your own money, and you can spend it however you want. You have nobody to answer  to, and since many marital arguments are over finances, these arguments are now a thing of the past.

More Free Time

You no longer have to spend time working on your marriage or doing things you don’t want to do just to please your spouse. Your time is now your own, and with all this extra time on your hands, you can enjoy yourself. Read a book. Take a bubble bath. Start exercising more. Join a club. Start a new hobby. Do things that make you happy.

Be Yourself Again

When you’re in a relationship, you often get lost trying to please the other person. You may even forget who you really are. Once you divorce and live on your own again, you can be yourself again. Your personality is no longer wrapped up in the other person. You can do the things that you enjoy doing.

Enjoying New Relationships

While it’s a good idea to take some time off from dating after a divorce, you don’t want to be alone forever. Once you figure out what you truly want in a relationship, go look for it. You can enjoy life with a partner who is more aligned with your interests and goals. 

Seek Legal Help

Many people see being single as taboo. However, if you had an unhappy marriage, a divorce can set you free and help you rediscover yourself.

Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can help you move on after a divorce. Schedule a consultation by calling 954-764-4330 or filling out the online form.

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