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When Your Ex Remarries


You thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your spouse but things changed. You are now divorced. You’re still living the single life but you find out that your ex is getting remarried.

Honestly, you’re feeling a little crushed. You thought you would spend your life with this person and now they’re getting ready to spend their life with someone. Such a thought can make someone feel understandably depressed.

So what should you do when your ex remarries? How should you feel? Here’s a guide to getting through your ex’s remarriage.

Feel Free to Mourn

Divorce is not always logical. There are always going to be emotions involved. The thought of your ex moving on with life without you can feel upsetting, even if it’s been a few years since the divorce. It’s OK to feel whatever you are feeling. Go ahead and mourn your loss. Don’t try to deny your feelings or pretend you’re fine.

Distract Yourself

Don’t be counting down the days until your ex’s wedding. Instead, find ways to distract yourself. If you know your ex is getting married on a certain day, make plans for yourself for that day. Go for a weekend getaway with friends. Spend the day at the beach. Visit a family member. Take a relaxing bath. Spend the day on the couch binge watching your favorite TV show. There are many things you can do to have fun while your ex walks down the aisle.

Comfort Your Kids

If you and your ex have children together, you’ll want to get their thoughts on what is happening. How do they feel about Mommy or Daddy remarrying? They will likely be upset as well, especially if they envisioned their parents getting back together. Discuss the situation with them and provide them with comfort as needed.

Distance Yourself

Even if you have a good relationship with your ex, you may feel the need to distance yourself from them after they get married again. After all, they have a new spouse now. There’s really no reason for you to butt into their life now (except to deal with co-parenting). Let your ex start a new chapter of their life with their new love.

Move Forward

When you and your spouse got divorced, of course you both are expected to move on with life. That’s how it goes. Would you want your ex to wallow in misery forever? Of course not. Your ex is moving on with someone else and you should move forward with your life as well. Stop worrying about what he or she is doing and focus on your goals and expectations in life.

Seek Legal Help

Learning that your ex-spouse is getting remarried can trigger a lot of hurt feelings. Even if you think you have gotten over your ex, you may feel sad or jealous that they are moving on without you.

You’ll need to get your feelings in check after a divorce. Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can help you deal with post-divorce life. Call 954-764-4330 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.



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