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Why Divorce Is On The Rise For Working Couples


While the divorce rate has declined overall, there is still a group of people who are divorcing at high rates: working couples. When the woman has to work full-time and do everything around the house, anger and resentment starts to build up.

Women are tired, understandably. They’re making the money, paying the bills, buying the groceries, cooking the meals, taking care of the kids, and doing the laundry. On top of that, women are taking care of the mental load of a household as well. They have to think about everything, manage everyone’s schedules, make appointments, and pretty much do everything else.

What do the men have to worry about? Not as much. Sure, they may work full-time, but chances are, they are not handling everything like the woman is. It is very rare that they would. Men get to come home and relax. The common trope is that men get to watch TV and play video games. When do women get to come home and relax? Hardly ever. Being able to take a shower alone with young children running around is a luxury in itself.

There are statistics backing up just how much women do around the house. Almost 80% of working mothers claim that they are responsible for doing the laundry. In addition, they are twice as likely as men to handle the cooking. This is on top of working a full-time schedule.

While finances, addictions, and infidelity are still the major causes of divorce, lawyers are saying that the divorce rate of working moms have steadily increased over the past decade. Women are starting to find things unfair in a household. Men have free time to do what they want. Women, on the other hand, hardly ever have free time and when they do, they often spend it doing things with the kids or tidying up the house.

Sadly, lawyers say that their female clients often refer to themselves as married single parents. They’re exhausted. They have to take care of everything. Their partners don’t do anything unless they are told to do it. They don’t notice that the garbage is overflowing or that the dog needs to be fed. They don’t notice the baby with the stinky diaper or the dust on the table.

Many women feel that if they have to do everything by themselves, then they might as well be single. Many have gotten divorced and feel as though they have less work to do now.

Seek Legal Help

Even when the mother has to work full-time, she often still has to take care of everything around the house, including the child, chores, errands, and appointments. Men don’t always do their fair share, leading to resentment.

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