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Should You Change Your Name After Divorce?


A divorce is a huge change. It ends your marriage, whether you have been together for five or 50 years. It splits up a family. At least one party will have to change their residence. If you have kids, there will be a new parenting schedule.  Your finances will no doubt change, and not necessarily for the better. Your life will change in many ways.

One thing that many women forget about in the midst of a divorce is changing their name. Sometimes a woman doesn’t want to keep her ex-husband’s name. She probably wants to move on with her life, so she may revert to her maiden name.

However, a name change can be complicated. It’s something that you need to think about before the divorce decree is finalized. While you can change your name months or years later, the process is more costly and complicated. It involves lawyer’s fees and court appearances, which could mean taking time off work. Therefore, you want to make sure your lawyer is aware of your desire to change your last name so he or she can include it in the divorce decree. Even if you are on the fence about changing your name, it’s easier to just include it rather than have regrets later on.

So the question remains: should you change your name or simply keep it? Here are some things to consider.


Many women have made a name for themselves and it would be confusing if they were to change your name. If you were a popular author or high-earning salesperson before getting married, then reverting to your married name makes sense if you want to pursue your former career. However, this works both ways. If you made a name for yourself while married, then it may be better to keep your married name, at least for the time being.


If you have children, you may want the same last name as them. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. That’s your decision.

Comfort Level 

How do you feel about keeping your married name? If you’re well-known in the community, then keeping it may make sense. However, if keeping it makes you feel uneasy and you would rather move on, then you may feel better going back to your maiden name.

The Right Reason

If you want to change your name, do it for the right reasons. Don’t do it simply because you are angry with your spouse and seek revenge. Your last name is something you will have to live with, not your ex-spouse. Do it because you feel it will be best for you and your specific situation.

Seek Legal Help

A divorce is a life-changing event. You’ll need a fresh start and you may even want to change your name.

Make sure this option is available to you to make life easier post-divorce. Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Edward J. Jennings, P.A. can answer your questions and make your divorce less stressful. Schedule a consultation today. Call 954-764-4330 or fill out the online form.




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